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Inside Scoop: Sun Smart Makeup Mirror Wins Beauty Tool of the Year Award

Bluestone Sunshields, a leader in innovative sun protection solutions, is thrilled to announce that our Sun Smart Makeup Mirror 2.0 has been awarded the prestigious Beauty Tool Innovations of the Year Award by Independent Innovation Awards.

Sun Smart Makeup Mirror Wins Beauty Tool of the Year

This recognition underscores Bluestone Sunshields commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty technology, offering consumers cutting-edge tools that seamlessly blend functionality and style. The Sun Smart Makeup Mirror 2.0 stands out for its revolutionary concept, combining smart features with unparalleled sun protection.

The Beauty Innovations Beauty Tool Innovations of the Year Award is a testament to the Sun Smart Makeup Mirror’s exceptional qualities. This advanced beauty tool not only aids in providing a flawless sunscreen application but also integrates sun protection technology, ensuring users look and feel their best while safeguarding their skin.

Key features of the Sun Smart Makeup Mirror 2.0 include:

- Smart Sun Protection: Equipped with innovative UV sensors, the mirror automatically mimics natural sunlight and displays where sun protection has been applied to ensure optimal coverage.

- Intuitive Design: The sleek and portable design makes it an ideal travel companion, ensuring that users can look and feel their best. It also acts as a backup charging device and can charge your mobile phone.

- Award-Winning Technology: Recognized by the Beauty Innovations Awards, the Sun Smart Makeup Mirror 2.0 has proven to be a standout product in the beauty and innovation landscape.

Bluestone is honored to receive this esteemed award, and we remain dedicated to delivering products that redefine beauty standards and prioritize the well-being of our customers. Sun Smart Makeup Mirror Wins Beauty Tool of the Year

To learn more about the award-winning Sun Smart Makeup Mirror 2.0, visit

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About Bluestone:

Bluestone Sunshields is a forward-thinking brand committed to revolutionizing sun protection and beauty technology. Our innovative products combine functionality, style, and advanced features to enhance the daily lives of our customers. To explore our range of sun shields and beauty tools, visit

About Beauty Innovations Awards:

The Beauty Innovations Awards celebrate groundbreaking products and innovations in the beauty industry. Recognizing excellence in various categories, the awards highlight brands that push the boundaries of what is possible in beauty and personal care. For more information, visit


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