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Introducing the Sun Smart UV Mirror, a groundbreaking product that helps people safeguard their skin from harmful UV rays by displaying areas where sun protection has been applied.


At Bluestone Sunshields, we're thrilled to have collaborated with the technology engineers behind this product, and we're excited to launch the latest version: Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0. With a larger screen, improved battery life, and the ability to function as a backup power source for charging mobile phones, this new model takes the innovative features of its predecessor to the next level.


Works best with chemical and zinc oxide sunscreens. Powder suncreens and titanium dioxide may appear lighter. Recommended for skin types 1-4



  • Smart Sun UV Mirror
  • USB charging cable
  • Backup Power Souce to Charge Phone
  • UV test card
  • User Manual 

Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0

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