Terms and Conditions

At Bluestone Sunshields we strive for every customer to have a great experience. 

Below are some helpful points to take into consideration when buying a Bluestone Sunshield.

We appreciate you and trust you can appreciate us too. 


7 Day Money Back Purchase Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied any reason, please submit a Support Ticket to request a return label.


We are unable to provide exchanges at this time. All orders must be placed directly with BluestoneSunshields.com to be eligible for a refund.  


If your original order included a free gift, sample, or other promotional item, please make sure to return it to receive a complete refund or the value of the gift will be deducted from your refund. 


For US shipments a $7 shipping charge will be deducted from your refund.  For International Shipments, shipping deduction may range between $25 - $45 depending on location.


GIFT CARDS are final sale and cannot be redeemed for cash value.

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60 Day Manufacturing Warranty

For manufacturing defects, a free repair service is available within 60 days of purchase.


Some items such as scratches, irregular edges due to production, accidental damage caused by general use are not covered under the Warranty.

International Shipments or items not purchased directly from BluestoneSunshields.com may be subject to shipping fees or additional terms and conditions.

Return / Repair Service

For items that fall outside of the Manufacturing Warranty we offer a Repair Service. The service includes shipping both ways, parts and labor. 


For USA repairs a $25 fee will apply for the first two shields ($10/shield there after).  For International Shipments, the repair fee may range between $35 - $85 depending on location.

Please submit a Support Ticket to processes this service. 

Proof of purchase, photos and a detailed description will be required to process the request. 

Delivery Service

Care Instructions


Bluestone Sunshields should be cared for and used for their intended purpose of general barrier and protection.


Do not leave in a hot car or store in direct sunlight when not in use. 

To clean use the Bluestone Sunshields 3pc Cleaning Kit.

If using a non-Bluestone product to clean it is recommended testing a small area prior to cleaning the full lens.



To clean the headband, spot clean with soap and water. Allow to air dry. It is also recommended you disinfect the headband using your favorite disinfectant and allowing time to dry. 



Bluestone Sunshields headbands will form to head with wear, typically after 2-3 times of use. If the headband causes pressure, adjust the band frequently. Wearing higher on the crown typically helps until the headband has formed to the head. 

Product Information

Bluestone Sunshields is the #1 recommended brand by medical professionals.


Our products are tested and approved according to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z80.3 standards as well as conduct in-house testing at our Bluestone Sunshields facility to regularly test quality and assurance. Our team is made of skincare professionals dedicated to providing the best service. All products are designed and assembled domestically in Burbank, California. 


Our proprietary Lux Material is the highest grade lens available on the market. Unlike other shields, this material will withstand higher temperatures, direct sunlight and longer wear.


Each lens is handmade and unique in color. It is possible for a slight variance in color between products. Flickering or brush strokes on the lens which is normal for the coloring processes. 


Bluestone Sunshields protect from sun and/or droplets however, make no claim of guarantee. It is recommended pairing with your favorite sunscreen or mask for increased protection. 

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