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Bluestone Sunshields

Our founder, Jen Podany, whose visionary journey has led to the creation of Bluestone. As a licensed esthetician, Jen possessed a profound insight into the unique needs of her patients. She witnessed firsthand the challenges they faced after undergoing treatments that rendered their skin exquisitely sensitive to the unforgiving sun. It was in these moments of compassion and dedication that the seeds of Bluestone were sown.

Jen Podany's commitment to excellence have guided Bluestone's evolution into a beacon of innovation and style. Collaborating with some of the foremost minds in the fields of dermatology, cosmetic laser manufacturing, and skincare, Bluestone has become synonymous with a singular mission: to provide nothing short of the finest and most fashionable protection against harmful UV rays. Join us in experiencing a new standard in protection, where beauty and function unite seamlessly.

Bluestone Sunshields has carved out a distinctive and captivating niche in the fashion world, earning acclaim and recognition from esteemed high-end fashion publications like SHAPE Magazine, Women’s Health, New Beauty, Vogue, and OK! Magazine.

Designed and assembled in Los Angeles, California. 


The essence of Bluestone Sunshields draws its inspiration from the very heart of Stonehenge, constructed with the Bluestone. Our emblem takes its cues from the celestial dance of the Stonehenge Sun Calendar. These profound connections resonate deeply with our brand, infusing it with a rich and meaningful essence. 

Meet The Team

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Jen Podany

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Bluestone Sunshields - HQ


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Jaclyn Hernandez 

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Bluestone Sunshields - HQ

 Digital Marketing Manager


Ariel Fournier

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Bluestone Sunshields - HQ

Operations Manager

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