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Inside Scoop: Bluestone Revolutionizes Sun Protection with the Sun Smart UV Mirror

The journey of skincare and sun protection has taken an evolutionary leap with the introduction of the Sun Smart UV Mirror. This pioneering product doesn't just stop at reflecting your image—it shows you precisely where you've applied sun protection, ensuring you never miss a spot and are safeguarded from harmful UV rays.

Bluestone Revolutionizes Sun Protection with new launch of the Sun Smart UV Mirror

At Bluestone Sunshields, innovation is not a solitary pursuit. It's a collaborative effort, which is why we're elated to have teamed up with the mastermind technology engineers responsible for this ingenious product. Our collective passion and dedication have led to the creation of the enhanced Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0.

What's New with 2.0?

  1. Larger Display Screen: The upgraded version comes with an expanded screen for a clearer, wider view, ensuring that you catch every nook and cranny when applying your sun protection.

  2. Boosted Battery Life: We understand the importance of longevity, especially when you're on the go. The Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0 offers improved battery life to last longer during your sun-filled adventures.

  3. Emergency Power Source: Ever found yourself with a dying phone battery while out and about? The Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0 doubles as a backup power source, allowing you to charge your mobile phones. This multi-functionality ensures you remain connected while staying protected.

Embrace the Future of Sun Protection

Sun protection is no longer just about slathering on some sunscreen. It's about knowing, with precision, that every part of your skin is shielded. The Sun Smart UV Mirror 2.0 is not just a product—it's your new sun protection partner.

Known for their innovative approach to sun protection, Bluestone revolutionizes Sun Protection with their newest product.

Visit our official product page to take a closer look and embrace the smarter way to stay sun-safe.


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