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Well+Good: Winner of the Best Innovation in Sun Protection Award!

It's a radiant day at Bluestone Sunshields, and we're absolutely thrilled to announce a milestone achievement.

We are the proud recipients and Winner of the Well+Good Best Innovation in Sun Protection Award for 2023!

An award to the best innovations in SPF
Well+Good Best Innovation in Sun Protection Awards

A Testament to Our Commitment

Being recognized by Well+Good, a leading platform that prides itself on delivering top-tier health and wellness information, is no small feat. The award is a true testament to our dedication to pioneering sun protection solutions that don’t just protect but also revolutionize the way people perceive and embrace sun care.

The Journey to Innovation

Our journey began with a simple vision: to merge style with functionality. We understood the vital importance of sun protection, but we also recognized that individuals yearned for sun protection solutions that were both effective and aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, our team embarked on an innovative path, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of sun protection.

Well+Good's Acknowledgment

Well+Good's acknowledgment underscores the importance of innovation in the health and wellness industry. Their awards highlight trailblazing products and initiatives that not only respond to contemporary challenges but also set new standards for the industry. Being recognized in the SPF innovation category means we're contributing meaningfully to the way people protect themselves from the sun.

Award Winning Sun Protection from Bluestone Sunshields
Award Winning Sun Protection

A Thank You Note

This accolade is as much an acknowledgment of our hard work as it is a celebration of our loyal community. To our devoted customers who have always believed in our products, to our passionate team that constantly strives for excellence, and to every partner and collaborator who has joined us on this journey – Thank You! Your trust and support propel us to continue innovating and serving you better.

As we bask in this moment of recognition, we're reminded of our core mission: to offer the highest caliber of sun protection in the most stylish way. Rest assured, while we may take a moment to celebrate this win, we're already looking ahead, excited and motivated to bring even more groundbreaking innovations to the forefront.

It personally means so much to us to ne named the Awarded the Winner of the Best Innovation in Sun Protection.

Stay protected, stay stylish, and here's to many more sunny days ahead with Bluestone Sunshields! 🌞🏆🎉


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