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Bluestone Sunshields receives recognition in Inpickleball's must have summer guide.

InPickleball Magazine provides an impartial and all-encompassing perspective on the fastest-growing sport in the United States. It caters to individuals across various skill levels, accommodating both the seasoned pickleball enthusiasts and newcomers eager to discover the excitement. Readers of InPickleball can access valuable insights for enhancing their performance on the court. This includes thoughtfully selected equipment recommendations, guidance on fitness and nutrition, and expert tips shared by professional players and sports medicine specialists.

Bluestone Sunshields Kitty Lux in sunset makes an appearance as one of the must-have styles for summer. Old-school visors are getting a modern update to be cool, offering fashion and function. Our Kitty Lux features an adjustable headband, purrrrfect for adults and kids alike! The transparent Sunshield allows for it to be worn lower than your average visor, blocking out the sun yet still providing the great sun protection Bluestone Sunshields are known for. The unique deisgn adds a cute spin to any outfit.

Bluestone is proud to be mentioned as a summer product that is an essential to your summer wardrobe. We are here to serve you sun protection products that provide cool and functional purpose.

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