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Bluestone Sunshields Expand Brand to Include Sunglasses and Accessories

Bluestone Sunshields Expand Brand to Include Sunglasses and Accessories

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Los Angeles, CA -- Bluestone Sunshields, the standout provider of sun protection products and most notably known for their Full Lux Sunshield line is excited to announce the much-anticipated brand expansion to now include sunglasses and softline accessories.

“Bluestone Sunshields was developed to provide a fashionable solution to privacy and protection,” said Jen Podany, CEO and Founder of Bluestone Sunshields. “Over the past four years we have continued to set ourselves apart with high quality products that serve a purpose and look great at the same time.

In 2020 Bluestone Sunshields pivoted from their trademark futuristic look to manufacture and donate over 6,000 Clear Shields and PPE items to frontline providers and hospitals across the country.

Bluestone Sunshields continues to work closely with medical and industry leaders to provide exceptional products that focus around fashionable sun protection. “We have a unique standpoint in that we have been able to marry the cosmetic and fashion industry,” said Podany, “and we see the need for it being reflected by our global presence.” Bluestone Sunshields can be found in luxury retailers, med spas and online.

About Bluestone Sunshields

Bluestone Sunshields is the #1 doctor recommended brand of sunshield. Founded by licensed esthetician, Jen Podany, when she saw a need for a product that would provide privacy and sun protection for her patients who had undergone treatments leaving them extremely sensitive to sunlight. As a result of the company’s work with top doctors, cosmetic laser manufactures and skin care professionals, Bluestone is founded on the mission to provide the best and most fashionable protection against the elements.


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