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Let's Ride! 3 Picks for an Active Lifestyle

Spring is here which means more time outside doing the things we love! These are our Top 3 Picks that provide great sun protection for an active lifestyle.

Great for days by the pool or a casual bike ride. Our Full Lux Shield blocks over 99% UVA/UVB rays and the full length shield provides top coverage.

This is my favorite option for mid-level activities where you have a lot of sun exposure such as hiking or riding bikes. Especially as the temps get higher the full length shield helps to protect your full face and chest area which is great if you are wearing a tank top.

Eye protection designed for the elements. Each pair of Zaddy Shades comes with 3 interchangeable lens which allow you to customize your fit depending on your elements. From snow to sand these shades have a great wrap around fit which limits glare and the lightweight wear keep them comfortable all day.

A favorite for high impact activities and the option to change the lens color makes for a fashionable transition for every situation.


Mid-to-high level activities call for our Shorty Lux Shield. Excellent coverage and sun protection plus the new adjustable band and clasp in the back keep your shield from moving or shifting. The adjustable lens allows for you to wear your shield up while hitting a golf ball or down while walking though the course.

Share your favorite actives to do in your Bluestone Sunshield by tagging @BluestoneSunshields on social media.


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