UPDATE: Thank you everyone that has reached out! We are excited to share that this past week we were able to donate over 100pcs of tinted PPE to those on the front lines. Next week we will begin shipping clear materials. Please continue to share our efforts and if you have received goods, and are able to please consider donating so that we can continue to ship supplies out. Thank you again Jen


Thank you for requesting medical supplies!


Our goal is to send out as much as possible, free of charge, to the people in need. Please complete the form below so we can efficiently get the most beneficial supplies out, in the quickest way possible.


As of right now these items are not available for purchase but if you would like to make a donation that will help ensure we can continue to build more product and send it out.


We will also be posting updates on what we have available / how much / and expected ship dates.


Keep checking back for updates!

Thank you for your support,


Clear safety glasses

Qty: 600

Est. Ship Date: 3/27

Clear Face Shield

Qty: 500

Est. Ship Date: 4/1

Tinted Face Shield

Qty: 100