Terms and Conditions




Bluestone Sunshields has a 30 day refund or exchange policy.  Any issues must be reported within 30 days of the purchase date to be considered for a refund or exchange.


Email requests and include the following information:

    Email: info@bluestonesunshields.com

    Subject: RMA REQUEST

    Information to include:

        Proof of purchase (order number or retail location of purchase)

        Purchase Date


        Photos (not required but helpful)


Please review the Product Information prior to any RMA request. Damages outlined in the CARE INSTRUCTIONS are considered normal wear and tear and fall outside of the return request guidelines. 


Once an RMA is approved, Bluestone Sunshields will provide a return-shipping label to return goods. Shipping label must used within 7 days of issue or it will become void and cost to return the item will fall on the customer.


Goods must be returned in original condition and with all packaging to be eligible for a full refund. Goods retuned within 30 days but not in original condition will be charged for shipping plus a 15% restocking fee. 


If the item was purchased through one of our retailers, an exchange can be granted but is not eligible for a cash refund. 




Bluestone Sunshields offer 99% UV A and B protection. Our products are tested and approved according to the ANSI Z80.3 standards. We recommend using Bluestone Sunshields along with a doctor recommended sunscreen for optimal sun protection. 




“Flickering” or “Brush Strokes” are normal for the coloring processes of Bluestone Sunshields. Each Bluestone Sunshield is unique and you may see this on the lens. Our products go through a quality assurance processes and if we see this and it is within normal range for our product it will be shipped as is. 


Bluestone Sunshields come with a protective film covering the front (Midnight Only) and the back of the lens.  This film should be removed prior to use. Once removed, it allows light to pass though and the “Flickering” and “Brush Stokes” that you might see are typically are no longer noticeable. 


When you receive your Bluestone Sunshield you may notice a small tear in the protective film and a sticker that says to remove film. This is so you are easily able to identify where the film is. 




Bluestone Sunshields should be cared for and used for their intended purpose of general sun protection post cosmetic procedures. 


Our soft lens items have a maximum heat exposure of 120’ F. To avoid damages to your Sunshield DO NOT LEAVE IN HOT CAR OR DIRECT SUNSLIGHT (without moving it) for an extended period of time. 


To clean, use an alcohol free screen cleaner and soft cloth. Spray lens and gently wipe clean. Support the lens by placing your hand behind the lens while cleaning the front side.


DO NOT apply pressure to the front side of the lens area without supporting the backside, this could cause lens to crack.


When wearing your Bluestone Sunshield DO NOT try to stretch the width of the headband. This item is a one size fits most and over time the headband will form to your head. 


Lens position should be adjusted while wearing the Bluestone Sunshield. Use two hands on both sides to gently lift and adjust lens position to your comfort level. As the lens position is adjusted you will hear the gear clicking in to place. Slight movement between gear positions is normal. 


If traveling with your Bluestone Sunshield, it is highly recommended that you use the included travel bag and travel with care. Do not pack in a suitcase without fully supporting all sides of the lens. Do not pack in an area where lens or headband will have an excessive amount of pressure applied, this could cause damages. 





Please report damages directly to Bluestone Sunshields within 7 business days of receiving the items.  


Our REFUND AND EXCHANGE POLICY can be viewed above. 


For any questions, please email us directly at info@bluestonesunshields.com