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Well + Good: The Best Innovation in Sun Protection of 2023

Bluestone Sunshields is proud to be featured in Well + Good's SPF awards of 2023.

Bluestone Sunshields x Pillowtalk Derm Marjor Shade Full Lux has been awarded the 2023 SPF Innovations Award by Well+Good. Recognized for amazing sun protection and the innovative design which provides sun protection and privacy.

Well+Good serves as a resource for individuals seeking information, inspiration, and guidance on their wellness journeys. By decoding and demystifying wellness concepts, the platform aims to make living a well life more accessible and attainable for all.

Protecting your skin from the sun doesn't just mean applying sunscreen. Technology has made it possible for us to take it to the next step. Now, formulations have made an improvement, and there are entirely new ways to defend against UV damage.

Well + Good has gathered SPF award winning products with the most exciting new sun-protection and technology available today including Bluestone Sunshields.

Sun-Protective Accessories: Beyond clothing, there are various sun-protective accessories on the market. This includes UV-blocking sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and umbrellas made with specialized fabrics that offer enhanced sun protection.

Despite our full-face coverage

capability that our full lux sunshield offers, this shield is designed to be see-through, ensuring that your vision is not obstructed while wearing it. Additionally, the shield resists heat, meaning it doesn't trap excessive warmth, allowing for a comfortable wearing experience.

This Well + Good feature highlights our stylish and functional major shade full lux shield in the color Lavender. Beyond its functional benefits, the visor's unique design makes it an eye-catching accessory. At Bluestone we strive for functional, UV blocking sun protection with a flair. Nothing less.

Shop the limited edition major shade full lux sunshield here.

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