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Vogue Mexico: Cómo quitar las manchas oscuras de la cara, según los dermatólogos

Bluestone Sunshields receives a proud mention in Mexican Vogue, as one of the products recommended by dermatologists, that help remove dark spots from the face.

As we gear up for increasingly severe temperatures, you might be curious about the methods for eliminating facial dark spots. According to Michele Green, a dermatologist certified by the board, "Dark spots emerge when the skin generates surplus melanin, the inherent pigment responsible for our skin tone."

The specific cause behind facial imperfections ranges from acne scars to extreme sun exposure, aging, or insufficient nutrition. Nevertheless, as per the specialist, the majority of dark spots stem from sun exposure and one's skin type.

Bluestone Sunshields can help to protect and eliminate dark spots that can appear on the face.The Full Lux Sunshield Line is perfect for any outdoor activity when you need extra protection. The transparent, adjustable lens can be worn up like a visor or down to provide protection across your entire face. Heat resistant lens means you can keep your cool even during the hottest days. We provide natural sun protection that works for everyone.

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