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In Style: The 10 Best Beauty Products That Launched in June

Bluestone is proud to be featured in In Style as one of the best beauty products that launched in June.

June brings excitement for several reasons, including the summer solstice and the eagerness of everyone to plan their summer adventures, whether they be abroad or local, as soon as possible. Additionally, our beloved beauty brands never fail to amaze us with their latest offerings.

Bluestone Sunshields receives a proud mention in "In Style" as one of the new best beauty products. "InStyle" is a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine that caters to a wide audience of fashion enthusiasts, beauty lovers, and lifestyle-conscious individuals. Bluestone is estatic to have our colloboration with PillowtalkDerm by Dr Shereene Idriss featured as one of the best beauty luanches for the summer.

The idea of wearing a visor by the pool or on your favorite beach might not initially capture your interest, however we have an exciting launch that could change your mind.

Introducing the Bluestone Sunshields x PillowtalkDerm Major Shade Full Lux Sunshield, a heat-resistant sun visor that provides protection against 99% of UVA/UVB rays. And the best part? It's not just practical; it also boasts an adjustable lavender lens that adds a touch of super cool aesthetics. With this product, you get both functionality and style in one sleek package. Our brand remains dedicated to supplying innovative sun protection products that work.

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