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Facial Rejuvenation Expert Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh goes viral wearing Bluestone Sunshields.

Dr. Shabnam Ghazizadeh goes viral on recent instagram post wearing our Full lux shield receiving over 3 million views.

Dr. Shabnam explains that skin tones with richer pigmentation like mine face limited options for addressing sun damage. Shabnam was already aware that procedures like CO2 laser and IPL, which are suitable for lighter skin tones to treat sun spots and enhance skin texture, aren't viable for her. Therefore, her primary focus is on prevention.

Since Dr. Shabnam has relocated to Southern California, embarking on a longer commute, she has experimented with various sun hats and visors for the car. Unfortunately, none of them offered adequate protection for the neck area, which is equally susceptible to sun damage and requires attention.

Over the past decade, Shabnam professional life largely kept her indoors in the operating room or hospital, minimizing her overall sun exposure. However Dr. Shabnam is spending more time outdoors requiring her to become more vigilant about safeguarding the skin.

Bluestone Sunshields is honored to receive recognition from a distinguished industry expert. Recognizing the demand for sun protection and privacy, our brand takes great pride in meeting this need with utmost satisfaction.

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