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Daily Mom: The Best Last Minute Summer Travel Gear & Accessories To Make Your Season Complete

Bluestone Sunshields Solar Flare travel accessories featured in Daily Mom.

Summer is still in full swing, offering ample opportunities for enjoyment. If you're on the lookout for eleventh-hour summer accessories to either gift to others or treat yourself, or perhaps you're devising plans for a spontaneous summer getaway to bask in the lingering daylight, then you're in for a treat. A broad array of choices awaits, ranging from sunglasses to jewelry, purses to beach bags, travel essentials to coolers. Regardless of whether your intended recipient is a friend, family member, or a significant other, this comprehensive guide holds something special for everyone. With an assortment of items that cater to various needs, including gear designed to accommodate all your necessities, stylish sunglasses, and practical water bottles, seize the opportunity to embrace these final splendid days of summer. These are the days characterized by extended daylight and vibrant nights, urging you to get up and moving.

The Bluestone Travel Tote stands out as the ultimate impromptu summer essential for individuals in a perpetual state of motion! These bags deviate from the ordinary bag you've encountered before. Crafted from a remarkably reflective material, this exquisite tote showcases a color-shifting phenomenon in response to sunlight. It ingeniously offers the allure of two distinct bags within one, transforming its appearance when exposed to sunlight. Accompanied by a detachable strap, it ensures effortless portability and can be detached for an air of elegance.

This tote proves to be an optimal choice for overnight endeavors, making quick trips a breeze. Complementing this, the Solar Flare Clutch adds an exquisite touch to your ensemble. It also captivates with its color-changing attributes under sunlight. Inside, you'll find a fabric-lined interior housing three pockets of varying sizes, effectively organizing your belongings. The inclusion of a detachable chain presents the option of carrying the clutch solo or placing it within the tote for safekeeping.

We are very proud to be recognized by Daily Mom and strive to bring our customers products that are functional and provide personal style.

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