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With Markup Assist, you can mark up designs, like notes and comments, that you have already sent to your Autodesk engineers or show them to your colleagues. You can do this easily from within AutoCAD without opening external design tools or creating additional drawings. Just create a drawing, send it to your engineers, add notes or comments, and send the drawing again with Markup Assist.You can import the notes from a Microsoft Office Word document, a QuarkXPress publication, or a PDF file that you may have prepared earlier.Markup Import and Markup Assist will be available in AutoCAD 2020x through AutoCAD 2023x.Measurement updates:Measure and Dimension has been completely redesigned. Not only can you measure, analyze, and plot dimensions and areas, you can also edit measurements directly within the software. The Measure and Dimension window now has a ribbon interface, and you can toggle Measurement Modes on or off using the new Measurements tab on the Ribbon Display Options.Automatic Face Offset and Offset in Drafting:You can now automatically apply and adjust (with precision) an offset between two faces. You can specify that the offset can be automatically set to zero or to an absolute value. If you need to manually adjust the offset, you can do so by clicking the padlock and adjusting the value using the Number Entry tool.You can create an offset from the keyboard with the command [MEASURE] [OFFSET], which adjusts two faces on two different planes, or you can use the Drag-and-Drop interface to align and position two faces.Use the -PLOT TOOLS command to plot a zero-offset between two planes. Then change the offset to display the results in your drawing.You can now use the Automatic Face Offset functionality with any offset that can be derived from a context variable. You can now calculate and adjust offsets based on surface normals and angles, width, height, and so on.Automatic Face Offset will be available in AutoCAD 2020x through AutoCAD 2023x.Real-time dimensioning:You can now dimension an object within a drawing and change the dimension values at the same time. You can specify a dimension by placing the cursor on a face or line segment, and you can specify a dimension value from the Number Entry tool or the in- 2be273e24d

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